This Month in Real Estate July 2017 – Davis Team Keller Williams Realty

This Month in Real Estate July 2017 – Davis Team Keller Williams Realty Don’t miss the most up to date number for July 2017 from Davis Team Keller Williams Realty.  We love to provide you with information you can use. If you are looking to buy a house east of Atlanta in the Gwinnett, Walton, […]

What Homeowner’s Insurance Does NOT Cover

Once you have moved into the beautiful East Georgia home you’ve just purchased, you feel like you can finally relax. You go about the business of arranging things the way you like them. While you’re doing that, you run across your homeowner’s insurance policy. It just might be a good idea to read the fine […]

A Tribute to the Many Facets of Dad

  • June 17, 2017
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Over the years, the position of fathers in the eyes of the world has ping-ponged back and forth a bit. In recent years, however, many studies have produced data that implies that fathers and father-figures are extremely important in the lives of their children. Dad is an important word, in any language. Of course, all […]

Keeping Cool Without Busting the Budget

Ah, yes! It’s summertime! The kids are out of school, and the pools are open, and it’s HOT! Nothing feels better than coming into a nice cool house after a hot bout of gardening, or a walk, or just about any other activity here in the Georgia sun! After the first month of cranking up […]

Tackle Summer Home Maintenance Now!

Most people think of the spring and fall as the times for maintenance work on their homes. There are, however, some things which can be best done during the summer. For one thing, the hot, humid, muggy weather has its own set of problems, especially after a wet spring. Mold and mildew are something you […]

Happy Memorial Day?

It may seem a bit incongruous to wish people a “Happy” Memorial Day. It is, after all, a day to remember our fallen heroes. There is often confusion between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Veteran’s Day is when we honor and thank ALL our service men and women, anyone who has served or are currently serving, […]

Mother's Day 2017

Mother’s Day Tribute: Mom = Love

  • May 12, 2017
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“Mom! I can’t find my other gym shoe!” “Mom! Where’s my Math book?” “Mom! Jimmy’s looking at me!” These wails are usually heard at top volume, as Mom is trying to get everyone out the door. She manages to get the shoe, the book, Jimmy and the rest of the family out the door and […]

Real Estate May 2017

This Month in Real Estate May 2017 – Davis Team Keller Williams Realty

Looking to Sell a House in Loganville, Snellville, Monroe or Lawrenceville this summer? Call 678-805-7774 or use our 15 second home value estimator. The Davis Team is your Real Estate Expert in the East Georgia region! Feel free to contact the Davis Team at for more information about your neighborhood’s numbers in Real Estate […]

Outdoor Living Trends in East Georgia

There is an interesting phenomenon developing in living space. People are moving outside. As a matter of fact, people are beginning to settle for less inside living space if they can have an active outdoor area. This is being expressed in a variety of ways, that appeals to almost any taste in activity. Whether it […]