What If I Wait Until Next Year to Buy a Home?

  We recently shared that national home prices have increased by 6.7% year-over-year. Over that same time period, interest rates have remained historically low which has allowed many buyers to enter the market. As a seller, you will likely be most concerned about ‘short-term price’ – where home values are headed over the next six months. As a […]

Getting a Mortgage: Lender Documentation

Are you buying a first home in the Georgia area? If so, you may not know everything you will need in order to obtain a loan for that home. When you apply for a loan, you are required to reveal detailed information about your fiscal habits. This is only fair, considering the size of the […]

The Importance of Mortgage Pre-Qualification

The mortgage process is complex, and probably the most time consuming, turn-your-hair-gray-overnight, tree-killing process you will you ever go through. The avalanche of paperwork, the strange vocabulary, and sea of acronyms is enough to make anyone stick to renting for the next 40 years. There are many aspects of the mortgage process that are mysterious […]