Keeping Cool Without Busting the Budget

Ah, yes! It’s summertime! The kids are out of school, and the pools are open, and it’s HOT! Nothing feels better than coming into a nice cool house after a hot bout of gardening, or a walk, or just about any other activity here in the Georgia sun! After the first month of cranking up […]

Tackle Summer Home Maintenance Now!

Most people think of the spring and fall as the times for maintenance work on their homes. There are, however, some things which can be best done during the summer. For one thing, the hot, humid, muggy weather has its own set of problems, especially after a wet spring. Mold and mildew are something you […]

Preparing Your Garden for Spring

Here it is, already the middle of February! People in the Georgia area are already beginning to think about how to plan their gardens. You can’t wait until it’s actually spring and then just decide to make a garden. There is a lot of preparation involved. Order Your Bulbs and Seeds One thing you want […]

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist Thumbnail

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

There are several steps homeowners should take to protect their biggest investment – their homes! Regular seasonal maintenance throughout the year, including Fall Home Maintenance to prepare for winter, will help you stay cozy in colder months and keep your home in tip-top shape. In most cases, home value appreciation over time helps families build […]